Babies clothes are known to have a short life span. Right? WRONG! - Tip no.2

A series of 12 Blog-Posts to help ensure you a baby wardrobe that will last longer than you have ever imagined possible.

Tip no. 2

Always Go "Multi-Size"

Yes! There is such a thing in baby clothes! I am referring to those designs that even though there is a specific size on their tag- they also work great as bigger sizes.

Multi-size items are bloomers, adjustable rompers and dresses.

  • Bloomers usually have a balloon like design with a stretchy waist and thighs, which allows it to function beautifully over 2-3 different sizes. They are very nice as a puffy over-sized item as well as a fitted one. As my experience shows bloomers will most definitely last you for at least 2 seasons
  • Adjustable rompers much like bloomers are also beautiful over-sized and more fitted and tend to “grow” with your child as they offer different adjustable back tie or buttons.
  • A dress is the ultimate multi size design for baby clothes because as your little one grows; it naturally turns into a tunic!


These 3 designs should play a big role in consisting a long-lasting wardrobe for you little baby – so if in conflict – always prefer them- they are defiantly super practical!

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