Babies clothes are known to have a short life span. Right? WRONG! - Tip no.3

A series of 12 Blog-Posts to help ensure you a baby wardrobe that will last longer than you have ever imagined possible.

Tip no. 3

Always Go "Multi-Seasonal"


The Multi seasonal designs are quite similar to the Multi Size designs which makes them even more practical:

Bloomers, Rompers, pinafore dresses & vests are usable on summer days, on their own, but just the same during Winter, paired with tights and an undergarment (such as bodysuits or sweaters, according to the weather) or during Fall paired with knee-high socks.

The more you base your little one’s wardrobe on these items the easier it will be to keep using bigger portions of that wardrobe through the changing seasons.

Summer Version:

Winter Version:


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