Babies clothes are known to have a short life span. Right? WRONG! - Tip no.4

A series of 12 Blog-Posts to help ensure you a baby wardrobe that will last longer than you have ever imagined possible.

Tip no. 4

Layer it Up (or down)!

As you can gather from what I mentioned about going multi-seasonal, the layering style in baby’s fashion turns out to be not only super stylish but also very practical. It allows you to “play” with different items across seasons but also during the day…. For instance, I live in a very hot country. Summer here feels like swimming in a hot bowl of soup all the time. But, because of that fact, wherever you go – shopping malls, people’s houses, etc, almost all indoor spaces are heavily air-conditioned, to a degree that it becomes very cold! Especially for a baby! The layering style makes it super easy to just carry a cardigan, tights or an undergarment and adjust your baby’s outfit to the changes in temperatures. Of-course this works vice versa, In cold weather areas across the world, the indoors are so heavily heated– that you might as well take off all your clothes and go naked😊, again layers will allow you to take off – a cardigan, tights or an undergarment and easily adjust your little one’s outfit.

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