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Every season we get hit with the same issue and that's what's the smartest way to create the basic wardrobe for the coming season without having to pawn off a kidney.. :) there are different answers to this question and they mostly have to do with the child's age as the needs vary growing up. We thought we'd do a short segment to talk about each age group and hope it can come in handy for you lovelies. 
Newborn babies up to around 3 months are probably unique in the way they don't really dress according to the weather - being so small and delicate we tend to wrap them up and layer away to keep them warm. This is also the stage where you get fluded with baby gifts and those more often than none are baby clothes. 0-3m is when the babies wardrobe consists of mostly basics. This when you want to pay attention to fabric composition and comfort (we'll talk more about this in the next posts). You need to have a fair amount of changing options as you can imagine (they can get messy real quick after you've spent about 15 min trying gently to squirrel them in a onsie 🤦🏼‍♀️). Also, and most importantly this is the beginning of the short period of time where you get to have all your baby dress up fantasies come true, right before they start to have an opinion :) so its always nice to have just a few fancier pieces, bonnets and other accessories. Having said all that, its important not to overdo it. Babies change tremendously in size in the first few months and you can end up with a lot of unworn outfits which is as heartbreaking as it is a waste. Focusing more on high quality basics (those that survive endless washing cycles with grace) and adding a few top layer outfits that can be mixed and matched is the best way to go. The absolute best is to try and look for pieces that can grow with the child and also can be worn on their own once they get a bit chubbier and can layer down (also a topic we have lots to say about in the coming posts). 
Oh, and accesorize! It's not required but its just so darn cute.... Have you seen a pair of 0-3m leggings with tiny leg warmers? We dare you to resist... 
We'd like to end with some washing advise, and that goes across ages really - that is an issue all on it's own that deserves a separate post.  Always always check the washing care label and when in doubt use a delicate cycle. It will go a long way in keeping clothes in their original condition so they can be used to the fullest and passed down going forward. 
See you guys soon 
Gali & Tali

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