Buy less choose well make it last

I feel so lucky to have had my Grandma in my life, she was such an inspiration for me, in almost every single way.

She was a holocaust survivor and so... had a very difficult life, but still managed to remain so alive, broad-minded and a stylish woman.

Not to say she didn't have her trials and faults, she smoked a lot and worried even more about everything and all the time, but I loved her dearly. One of the things that stuck with me, in me, is her fashion sense. She had this amazing, so beautiful, wool coat, she bought for herself right after the war. As a small child, I used to enjoy just sitting down admiring it, whenever I got the chance. I remember it was unlike any coat I ever saw! heavy, so beautifully crafted & meticulously sewed, with a silk lining, I just so wanted to fit into it 😊 she promised I could have it.
Eventually, I grew into it. And like my grandma, the coat survived beautifully all it's years and trials.
Till this day, even though my grandma is long gone, I feel her embrace whenever I wear it. 
This is why I relate so much to the Idea of Slow fashion and heirloom pieces. They carry within themselves the scents and presence of your roots and loved ones.

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