Something the other day took me back to the time before Ponponia came to light, right around the time my little one was born. For so many circumstances those days could have gone badly and I still look back amazed i pulled through the way I did. I remembered how caring for that little creature pulled me bit by bit back into myself. Through her I was able to let tenderness back in, let  myself have fun again and appreciate beauty like I always used to.
I loved  dressing her up in these quaint little pieces I found, playing with colors and textures, decorating her room and and watching her in great amazement. I'm not talking bout retail therapy (although nothing wrong with that mind you!) I'm talking about a doorway to reconnect with softness and care giving, a way to set my mind off to different paths. This may come across as superficial but that was not my motivation - I felt lighter just by allowing something so simple in. Obviously it all went on to open a huge adventure in my life with Ponponia. And the rest is still being written.... 

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