Gotta tell you I get quite a few raised eyebrows about the way I dress my little one for kindergarten... I don't know how it is in your home countries but I live in such a small country it's practically impossible for people not to stick their noses into you business 😊
The mantra keeps repeating "aren't you afraid she's going to ruin it? Such a shame.. ". Well, the short answer is no. And of course I have a long answer too...
Sure, if a piece of clothing I really like gets stained beyond recognition I will shed a tiny tear over it - I'm not without a heart 😉 but it's not going to really cross my mind when I put out clothes for her the next morning.
It's not that I have no appreciation for stuff and it's not that I'm even remotely too rich to care...
I just love seeing her dressed up beautifully, and when I say beautifully it always has to be synonymous to comfortably. 
I love her baby clothes and I think they need to be used and enjoyed to the maximum, not hidden away for a special occasion. Maybe you'll think I'm shallow but these little things can give me joy. The bigger things are more complicated and hard to come by 😉


  • Yafit Almog

    I like butifull thing

  • Linda Heaton

    Love everything that You do Everything is so beautiful!! From fabrics to colors. Photos are incredibly sweet and romantic
    Love the classic antique look!!!

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