kind word for no reason

You know these types of days? The ones in which you feel not only that u can't juggle all the balls in the air, but they are dropping all around u.. I know it's not that glamorous to admit, mostly in this Instagram day and age but I think it's important - u have to acknowledge the low points to not have them simmer down and take a more permanent hold. For me, being a mother of 3 and building a growing business whilst doing all the day-to-day chores can sometimes get me there, to that point. I know that I'm not in this alone and I'm positive there are those who deal with much greater adversities but still, sometimes u just run out of gas:) sitting there in the middle of a battle ground that doubles as your lovely home, trying to put out a few fires at once, feeling u can't be your 100% anywhere. And that's where it really gets cheesy.... Because it's the tiniest things that can pull u out from this spiral - it's seeing laughter in the little one's eyes, even if she's all covered in food, it's hearing a kind word for no reason , it's accomplishing that overdue task that's been nagging at u. It's feeling alive. ❤

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  • Karin

    No one cuold discribe it better than you🌸
    Love you

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