Shopping Wisdom

I will admit it, but only to u guys... My daughter used to have too many baby clothes! Some days I could swear I envied her wardrobe myself :) I'm not advocating for senseless shopping but I also don't think it's necessarily something that comes from frivolous spending. It used to be worst mind u, because when she was just born and I came in to this whole new baby fashion world, I was just amazed and dazzled and my shopping came to match this trend... After a while, when I was so much more wiser (6 whole months later!) I started to better understand what she really needed, in terms of a functional wardrobe VS. those beautifully made expensive items I just couldn't resist. The 2 are not always mutually exclusive mind u... At least not in my world 😉
Seriously now, as many clothes as she had I would eventually always stick to a few items that were a combination of practicality and style, the ones that were basic but with a twist, always of  soft fabrics and most of all, versatile. I feel I found a way to shop smarter, not as far completely avoiding indulgence but to the extent that I can use fewer items in one season, and even stretch them a cross seasons. I'd really love to tell you more about it if you guys are interested🤗❤

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