Take it easy - slow fashion for little ones

Let's take it slow..


We lead hectic lives for the most part. It doesn't always have to do with our day to day but it's embedded in the way we live, where we live, the goals we are taught to achieve. Sometimes it seems to me like racing against ourselves and inevitably we stand to lose something

So many trends today try and take us back to the way we were, way back when we were more In touch with simplicity and craftsmanship. Way back before industrial fast food and buying cheap by the bulk, accumulating, not appreciating.

We hear a lot about slow food, clean eating. Approaches that try to take us back to the basics, to take the time - invest it in processes that were deemed waste of time - for our health and wellness.

slow fashion at Ponponia

Being in my line of interests I've come to discover the path of slow fashion. I was quite immediately taken to it as it corresponded with my own preferences.

We are in the age of brand dominance, of worldwide fashion labels with multiple branches tightly knit - bombarding us with 3 floor stores packed with endless volumes of clothes. Just looking at one of these stores during sales season is enough to make me swear off shopping for at least a week :)

But seriously, putting aside haute couture  Which is admirable but unattainable for most of us, we are left with very few choices that allow uniqueness or craftsmanship to take center stage.

Slow fashion raises exactly this flag - calling us to think “small” and unique, to buy less volume and more quality. To appreciate the cost of craftsmanship and handmade work, To prefer natural and finer fabrics and small scale collections. It's funny but slow fashion has become a fast moving train, reaching everywhere and connecting us to new options via the web.

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