The price of beauty

Let's start by stating the obvious so we can set it gently aside… investing in baby clothing can sometimes seem frivolous. They outgrow their wardrobe quite quickly and always need more. They also seem to be curiously unaware of the need to keep clean and have us battling with stain removers on a daily basis.

Now, having said that, let's look at the other side of things.. When I had my baby girl I was in a different place in many ways. The world itself got smaller with the help of the internet and social media and I was able to soak in so many trends from all over.

I discovered amazing designers who create virtually wearable works of art for little ones, a rapidly growing handmade community and a strong  commitment to use the best fabrics.

On the emotional note, of course I went gaga seeing my baby in these fabulous creations. On a practical note, I would always create a versatile wardrobe for her so I could have less items to be used more frequently. I would always indulge in a few high end items and combine them with lower cost ones and I can say for a fact my babe was always the best dressed gal on the playground :)

Comfort being more important than looks, I always chose items with high quality flowing fabrics, ones that will keep over time and even improve so some other happy baby girl could enjoy them.

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