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One of the things I've noticed, is that when I really invest in a unique piece of clothing for my little Lia, it usually pays off - I am able to use it for a very long time! She has some heirloom pieces in her little closet that she has been using more than half her life!! Some Bloomers & Rompers I bought have been serving her beautifully since she was 8 months old till her ripe age of 30 months😂😂😂, and she is not particularly out of the ordinary small or big toddler. I think It's mostly because I was able to use these pieces, on their own, during Summer time and also over tights in the Winter. Another thing was that they were just as beautiful puffy and over sized when she was smaller, as they are gorgeous now, as a tighter fit.

 Lia corduroy romper in vintage pink photo by maryellenskye

Lia corduroy romper in vintage pink @maryellenskye  
This is the case when it comes to the Amalia crochet Romper! It is gorgeous for Summer time directly on your little one's bare velvety skin as it is gorgeous over a thick chunky Sweater or a onesie. It's back adjustable straps allows it to fit nicely when your precious one is growing taller and bigger, and it is beautiful as a relaxed puffy fit as well as it is gorgeous more fitted and narrow. 

Amalia Crochet Romper  in Stone color

Amalia Crochet Romper

Well, I am not saying it will last you through collage, but it is definitely more than a seasonal joy😘

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