The Lulu Leg Warmers Collection

The Lulu Leg Warmers Collection


The Lulu leg warmers are available for Pre-sale only 

We thought we could make it easier for you to secure any of the pieces you've had your heart set on, so we decided to open them up for pre-sale. This means a longer turnaround time but it will also mean not having to miss out on any of your favourites. 

We produced most of the winter fair items in small quantities to keep them unique so bare that in mind while enjoying these eye candies. 

Any item ordered in pre-sale will be shipped within 2 weeks of ordering with a total turnaround time of 4 weeks. If you order any non pre-sale items along with it they will all be shipped together. Please keep in mind purchases made in pre-sale format will not be cancelled and any changes to size and colour will be available only if stock permits. 

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