About Ponponia

Sometimes it feels like I just woke up one morning and decided to open a baby boutique. I suppose there's A Bit of truth to it but in all honesty, like most things in life, it has been a process.

I've had deep appreciation for beautifully made fashion, the kind that makes room for little quaint details, that uses delicate soft fabrics, that tells a story.

I found all that and so much more throughout my search for unique products to include in my newly established baby boutique - it took me by surprise, a wonderful, exquisite surprise.

Ponponia Slow Fashion

I learned that the world has grown to embrace “slow fashion” even when it came to children. That the previous perception of practicality had cleared room for quality and not necessarily quantity.

Baby and kids fashion throughout the past few years has evolved to celebrate handmade pieces, limited edition items, and heirloom pieces to be passed down rather than cast aside.

I found myself marveling at these treasures I had found and brick by hand picked brick I started to build Ponponia, to become a baby boutique that embodies all these ideas. My tiny kingdom of beauty dedicated to all these little folk we adore like nothing else on Earth.

As I found my own voice through all the inspiration I encountered, I ventured out to design and produce my own line.

My guidelines and vision are those of timeless relevance, always keeping in mind comfort is as important as beauty. I definitely have a warm spot for all things vintage and boho inspired and to combine all afternoon that has been an amazing experience.

By choosing the finest materials and continually improving my designs I can proudly stay true to what took me on this journey in the first place.

Hope you fall in love the same way I did :)